Welcome to Airstream Boomers!

Welcome to Airstream Boomers! This blog is written primarily by me (Jane Iddings), with input from my husband, Ken Normington. The technical part is far from perfect because all the pictures and posts are a product of my ipad and that is only made possible by using an app called "Blogsy."

So . . . here's our beautiful little Airstream in Scottsdale, Arizona just waiting to take off on all kinds of adventures. We are two boomers that love to experience new places, especially in nature. Adventures aren't new to us: in our twenty-two plus years of marriage, we've lived on two different sailboats on the East Coast cruising between Maine and Florida. Before we retired, we lived in South Africa and Hawaii, New England, the Southeast and the Southwest.

We're spending the winter in southern Arizona. We consider Arizona our home state - we met in Sedona and have returned here time and again. Although our plans are fluid, we'll head north for the summer, then east for the fall to experience the autumn leaves, and then back to Arizona. But I'm getting way ahead of myself.

We'd love to hear from you either by commenting directly on the blog post or by emailing us: jane.iddings@gmail.com and ken.normington@gmail.com.